Where Family and Fitness Meet


Within the walls of The Studio, you’ll find a place not quite like other fitness clubs. Yes, you’ll see barbells and dumbbells and cardio equipment, but you’ll also hear your name ring around the room, as though you just walked into the show Cheers. At The Studio, everyone knows your name, because you’re family here.

Eric Kerley, former Alabama Football standout under Coach Gene Stallings, has always wanted to help people. 17 years ago, as the state of obesity and chronic disease were reaching alarming highs, Eric found his “how.”

Eric created The Studio to embody an ideal for the future. An ideal in which people can say “yes” to any opportunity, live their lives without the presence of chronic pain and feel all-around good about themselves.

In short, we wanted a community that lived happier, healthier, longer lives.

Since opening, that ideal has been realized among The Studio family. Members cite increased quality of life and range of motion, as well as a sense of belonging when they walk in the door every session.

The goal of every trainer at The Studio is to maintain that standard of excellence, as well as live true to the ideal on which the club was founded. Trainers undergo an extensive vetting process not only to ensure their knowledge level and ability, but to also ensure that they are dedicated to their clients the same way The Studio is.

Our clients are our family, and we treat them as such. That is the attitude that keeps people coming into the gym, striving to be healthy and make progress.

One Studio, one family, a lot of results. Come and see what we’re all about for yourself!